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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday: Organizing System

This winter, we have been working on reorganizing our basement.   This is our main "storage center" where we keep everything from camping supplies, "out of season" clothes, canning jars, and office supplies. 

We use a note card and file box system to track where everything is kept.

 Each storage bin is labeled with a number.


Then, on another index card, we put the matching number and write what's in the box.  All the cards are stored in the file box. 

(Sorry- this is a bad picture- it is of the file box!)

So, when I am looking for an item, all I have to do is open my file box, and that will tell me which box the item is in!  Very easy!  We are also using this system in our garage as well. 

I read about this system in a book several years ago.  I am sorry I don't remember which book, or I would cite the source! 

I love setting up organization systems!  So, I would love to know your organization tips too!


  1. Great idea! Sometimes I write right on the tubs, and then I have to cross it all out if I change things up. This would be a nice way to be able to more easily update

  2. That's a really smart idea! I think I'll have to borrow it, since I've been working on organizing my attic--when it isn't too cold to go up there, LOL!

  3. We don't have all of our boxes labeled like this, but I did do it for our Christmas boxes. It's a lifesaver! I guess I should do it for the other ones as well.