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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Practical Suggestions for Connecting to the Vine

In my last post, I shared the importance of "staying connected to Christ".  Today, I am going to share some ways that I keep Christ at the center of our home. 

1.  Morning Prayer/Bible reading
              Waking before my family gets up and spending time with the Lord is such a blessing.(although I do not always achieve this:) )  I love the quietness of my home as I pray over my day, read scripture, and journal.  Since I am usually very tired, I have found that if my bible, journal, and pen are all in one place I can find it in the morning and quickly get started.  Sometimes, I even light a candle and drink a glass of tea.  It can be such a retreat before starting my day!
               Are your kids early risers?  If so, try  Monica's idea over at The Homespun Heart for making "bible study baskets" for your children.  These encourage the children to begin their own quiet times while you have your time with the Lord. 

2.  Hanging scripture on the wall
                My kitchen cabinet has several scriptures taped on it that I read daily.(because what mom doesn't spend most of her time in the kitchen?)  These scriptures usually pertain to something that I am struggling with.  For example, if I am struggling with worry, then I might write out the scripture in Matthew where Jesus commands us not to worry.  I try to read and meditate on these as I complete my daily tasks.

3.  Prayer throughout the day
                 During a season in my life where I was particulary worn out, my husband shared the story of Susannah Wesley with me.  Susannah had 19 children.  Despite her busyness, she spent lots of time in prayer.  Sometimes, she was found praying with her apron over her head for privacy!  My husband encouraged me to follow this example, especially when I am discouraged. There have been a few times that my daughters have walked into the kitchen to find me kneeling in prayer.  These moments with the Lord are so encouraging!
                  Of course, we should all strive to pray continuously as we go about our daily routines.  We can pray while washing dishes, changing diapers, etc. . 

4.  Listening to Worship Music
                   This one speaks for itself!

 I would love to hear some of your suggestions! 


  1. We try to do these too!
    For a while last year, I set an alarm on my phone that went off at a regular time every day. It was a moment where we paused and each gave thanks for two things (one that we could 'touch' and one that we could not)!

  2. Thanks for reading Melissa! Your alarm idea is great- I especially love your idea of giving thanks for something you can touch and something you can't!